Tips to Stress-free Travel and Happy Holidays With Your Bub

We had such an amazing time at Hamilton Island that we just visited with our 10 months old baby girl Ashna. Being a new parent, I was little nervous to travel with my bub. Well, my husband wasn’t though as you know fathers are known to be more chilled 😂

It is completely a different experience travelling with your partner/friends compared with an infant. I would not claim myself to be the most organised person but I always try to be the one. I literally started doing my own research as I always do and it does make sense right?, because you don’t want to waste your time standing at information desk carrying your little one while you are there only for few days.

I hope you will find this blog useful for your next travel with your bub. I have tried my best to put everything in this one blog so that it is convenient and become a one stop for you to refer in case of a need.

1. Find a right spot – It is a key to happy holidays with your infant bub

Yep, you read that right. Let’s be real that carrying your tiny precious gem with you is surely going to restrict your desire to explore many of the places esp. bub is less than 18M old.

It also depends on how comfortable you are to travel long distances with your baby/babies because you know your child more than anyone else. In our case, we did not want to make an international trip straight away and decided to start with a domestic trip. Apart from this, there are also other important things to take into consideration to decide a holiday destination including weather, availability of infant friendly accommodation and activities. You surely want to enjoy your entire stay with your baby, so it is very important to decide a place where you have at least few activity options that allow infant/kids too.

I like adventures and visiting new places and I wanted the same with this summer holidays too. You will not believe but I had the best holiday ever. Though there were some places that I would have loved to go but couldn’t as they did not allow babies on their premises. Nevertheless, investing time to find a right tropical destination has helped us to enjoy most of the activities and plan our days better.

2. Accommodation

Our decided holiday spot is also known as the most infant friendly holiday destination and hence finding an appropriate accommodation became a breeze. We stayed at “Reef View” hotel, right on the beach and our room was on 14th floor which gave us spectacular beach and reef view. They also provide baby bath, cribs, high chair, joggers pram, bamboo seat and many other baby items for free during the stay and that is so amazing as we didn’t have to carry any of these things with us.

Getting all these baby facilities with a great view was not less than like a cherry on top of the cake. My bub took 18 hours to settle down at this new place and that almost 1st day of our trip was still enjoyable as we had a picturesque view to see from our room, restaurant to order our food and a pool to go in case we wanted to go out. The main idea is to find an accommodation with a right or as much possible balance between infant/kid facilities and activities for adults so that if your child is unsettled to go out for long time, you can still have a quality time while settling your bub down.

3. To Do’ list is a Savior

I cannot tell you enough how helpful your habit of making a ‘To do’ list is going to be. It has always saved me in the past and has been just like a blessing this time. I’m a first time parent and a new mother too. So, it makes sense now to tell you that I’m surely not a pro yet 😉  Most of the times I would remember to do something very important for my trip while I’m in the shower or driving or cooking and it is pretty obvious that I will forget about it later on. So, I love using an app called ‘Keep noteswhere you can not just type but also record items through audio recording while on the go.

4. Packing

Start Packing !!! There is nothing more important than packing each and every necessary item into your bag for your bub. You don’t want to miss out anything esp. when your baby is less than 18M old. That’s the hack for your stress free travel 🙂 I always use my favourite packing cubes from amazon, click below to check it out. They will last forever and looks great.

7 Pcs Travel Luggage Packing Organizers Durable Packing Cubes with Laundry Bag and Shoe Bags-Blue

I also downloaded a packing list online which is known as ‘A mother of all packing lists’ and the link is here . It has separate lists for packing items for yourself, for your bub and for a carry on/ nappy bag items. This link is so amazing and handy, I just added few more items to make it a perfect packing list for my bub. So feel free to click on the link above and bookmark it.

5. Plan your specials in advance

If you are like me who loves to capture beautiful moments and create memories in a special way, then this one is for you. As we were going to a tropical place, I decided to wear matching swimsuits for all three of us 😘 how cute is that! Please ensure to buy things in advance because you don’t want to miss out these cool ideas. Also, checkout for booking a photographer if you can afford, personally I like to browse through cute family pictures from pinterest to get an idea and we take our own pictures 🙂 easy and affordable.

We also bought her water fun gears and float tubes so that she can be safe in water with us.

6. Plan your each day

Here is the magic. Be the boss of your holidays. This may sound funny but this particular exercise before flying has helped us a big time. We flew for 5 days and we literally planned each day in advance. Well, it’s a different story that most things did not go as per the plan LOL,but at least we had a plan ‘B’ ready every time.

There is a reason why you want to go to the place you have decided to visit right! May be cause of adventures/ water activities, beaches,bush walks or skiing or it can be anything but what you need to do is to filter down to the activities and places that you can enjoy with your bub. It is very easy to explore the place virtually. Download an app of the place , browse through blogs, articles, websites, social media etc. Also please remind yourself to be flexible with your plan that will help you to keep calm and enjoy your trip even better. My bub loves water and fortunately Hamilton Island has so many scenic pools that we could go to and have fun with her.

Hope you found this blog practical and useful. Please feel free to write your feedback or other ideas for our readers.

Till then Like a Lime 🙂

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