Thank you so much friend for dropping by 🙂

Welcome to my Blogging Site. If you’re wondering on the name of the site” Like a Lime”, I could really write a blog on it. Umm… may be it’s a good idea! but, let me make this long story short here for you :p

How about saying our life is like different cuisines and variety of recipes. Some are so good to our taste-buds and some feels taste less to us. Personally I think a zest of lime and that tangy flavor makes any savoury recipe more interesting to tongue and refreshing to our soul. Innit?

Then why not Like A Lime… 🙂 By the way, what’s YOUR lime in your life that can make any phase of your life feel better to you.

Think for a moment and once you know it, always remember to use it in your much needed moments of life 🙂

Let’s make this planet a happy place. Spread love ❤

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